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I am seventy years old as of June 30, 2020. I am interested in all forms of knowledge seeking, whether the source is books, videos, movies, (documentaries), and even the Internet. 

Having worn many hats over my time I have a myriad of invaluable information I hope to share with others who may be able to communicate or who can learn from my experience. 

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    • Mike Boutwell
      Mike Boutwell shared a link

      Those of you still using 7 Home, Pro, etc. You can upgrade to 10 if you have a legit Windows 7. I just went to the Microsoft website to get the ISO or ro load the OS directly which I did in addition to making a copy of the ISO for later use. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 This is a cinch, and if you don't like the tiles you can like me you can add in Classic Shell to return the desk top back to Windows 7 with the start menu and all you've been used to for so long. I just did the whole ball of wax an it work great. The updates work, too, unlike 7 that stopped January 14th, 2020 for residential applications. Good luck. Any questions just ask.

      • Mike Boutwell
        Mike Boutwell

        I find that the world to some is somehow different now. To me, it is just another phase this planet goes through most of the time not due to happenstance but to mandate and control efforts using social engineering to achieve their goals. Are we headed in the right direction? What direction is that? Did we make a wrong turn somewhere thousands of years ago thinking we had free will when all is dictated by those who manipulate our will? 1984, and several other works taught me much about what the future holds. Have we become so comfortable indoctrinated with technology that find the easier, softer, way, all too appealing forgetting all the while that we all are being taken advantage of by those who have studied human behavior for hundreds of years subject us as far back as 4.5 billion years, at least the last 300K, or has this been happening since the evolution from Neanderthal and Denisovan stages of man? Are we really free, or are we slaves? Have we lost something human replaced by codependency and subservience, or is this a process come to fruition started a millenia ago?

        • Mike Boutwell
          Mike Boutwell

          Good evening ladies and germs. I just joined your little soiree to add some culture to my otherwise dull life and to catch up on my reading. I am very active politically, philosophically, and my favorite subject is the behavior of mankind. If anyone else is interested, I like to delve into the very depth of what is going on in this country right now studying this virus and all the interesting situations that have arisen as the result of this plandemic accident or not. I welcome your comments. :)

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