Breakthrough Advertising Book By Eugene M. Schwartz (PDF-Review-Summary-Online Reading-Download)


Breakthrough Advertising Book By Eugene M. Schwartz This is not a book just for copywriters and other advertising experts, but a book for all business owners, marketing experts, or anyone who needs to increase sales.

The reason is that it is about how to channel the forces in the market that control sales.

Simply put, Gene's book addresses the universal problem of all copywriting: how to write a headline, and an ad that follows it, that will open up a whole new market.

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About The Author of The Book Eugene M. Schwartz
An advertising copywriter whose specialty was direct-mail campaigns, Mr. Schwartz was the author of 10 books, including “Breakthrough Advertising” and “The Brilliance Breakthrough.” He wrote some of the most celebrated lines in direct-mail advertising, such as “Give Me 15 Minutes And I’ll Give You a Super-Power Memory,” which launched the first book of the memory expert Harry Lorraine.

He was born on March 18, 1927, in Butte, Mont., and studied at the University of Washington. He moved to New York City in 1949, joining the advertising firm of Huber Hoge & Sons as a messenger boy and working his way up to copy chief. In 1954 he went into business on his own.