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Today, cookies, temporary files, and various other means of tracking your web footprint are part of the course. Some of these trackers are useful, while others can be potentially intrusive. Fortunately, there is a myriad of free cleaners that help keep your system in check. CCleaner is one of the best for its ease of use and powerful cleaning capabilities.

CCleaner A great free tool to clean your PC
CCleaner for Windows is a free PC optimizer that frees up space on your computer by deleting unnecessary files like cookies, unused data, and temporary files. This Piriform program runs periodic checks and finds those elements that slow down the performance of your computer.

What is the CCleaner application?
CCleaner is used to clean and tune the PC operating system. With CCleaner, we can perform a thorough cleaning of the PC in a simple way, which will allow us to save space on the hard disk and prevent the PC from slowing down. It's one of those free PC tools that works exceptionally well when it comes to deleting temporary files.

CCleaner is a free closed-source program that can be downloaded to various devices and has been developed by the private software company Piriform Ltd, based in London, UK. Its release date was September 23, 2003. Over the years, it has undergone several updates and versions on the three platforms it is available on Windows, MacOS, and Android.

By downloading CCleaner, the software allows the cleaning of different files, as well as optimization of the operating system. Furthermore, it is capable of uninstalling multiple interface programs and disabling certain applications so that they do not run at system startup.

The benefits that the device in question derives from the download of CCleaner are the improvement of the boot speed, the reduction of the system load, and the freeing of wasted disk space. Also, access becomes much faster.

What are the benefits of downloading CCleaner?
To be more specific, the useful tasks that CCleaner performs are the following:
Delete unnecessary files
Delete temporary files and other data
Freeing up hard drive space
Disable programs whose startup is linked to system startup
Eliminating application waste
Delete browsing histories
Registry cleaning
Identify duplicate files
Correction of errors that cause problems.
In conclusion, a range of cleaning options allows you to free up space on your hard disk, offer stability to the PC, reduce errors that occur during the use of the device, and guarantee navigation. Meanwhile, registry repair enables the removal of outdated data, thus repairing this area, which is vitally important to the operation of computers.

Faster navigation
Downloading CCleaner speeds up the search for information, be it in Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other browser. When the Internet is used, the computer or device collects a large number of unnecessary files, such as cookies. Currently, these can be modified according to user preferences in accordance with privacy policies.

Also, by running different programs, temporary files and other settings are saved. By downloading CCleaner, you can delete all these useless files as well as browsing history. As a result, free space on the hard drive is freed up, allowing the system to run faster. By focusing only on folders with relatively minor files, there is less risk of losing valuable files.

Thanks to the start of the application, it is possible to identify and select all those programs that are not used but are activated when the computer starts. This speeds up the startup of the device.

Less risk of errors.
An indication of the need to download CCleaner or other such tools is error messages or screen locks. This is due to broken or deprecated files. This free application includes a Registry Cleaner, which allows you to identify and correct these errors.

As an added bonus, the app itself tells you how much you need to back up to avoid loss.

Greater safety of navigation.
Despite changes in the law and new regulations on data privacy terms and policies, not all websites offer the same facility to disable cookies. The CCleaner download removes stored data such as passwords, search history, and cached data. This reduces the likelihood of experiencing identity theft or fraud on the network.

Customizable cleaning
By downloading CCleaner, the user has the option to customize their cleaning options to suit their needs. For those with limited computer skills, the app offers some default settings. For the most advanced, the degree of selection can be more complete and even specify the type of cookies.

What other versions are available by downloading CCleaner?
In addition to the traditional version to download CCleaner, Piriform Ltd has developed two other modalities, CCleaner Browser, CCleaner Cloud, and other versions such as Professional, Business, or Technician.

CCleaner browser
According to Piriform's description, CCleaner Browser is a highly secure browser that protects users' personal data and allows them to hide their fingerprints. However, Avast recently acquired this application, so this tool has become Avast Secure Browser but using the CCleaner icon.

CCleaner Cloud
CCleaner Cloud is an alternative to downloading CCleaner in its traditional version. This is an online platform hosted in the cloud and allows you to clean and optimize your computer from there. The advantages are that it is free, functional and it is not necessary to be in front of the computer to connect the PC to the Piriform server.

CCleaner for Mac
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Available languages: English,French,Polish,Chinese,Italian,Japanese,German,Spanish

For those users who wish to opt for the advanced options, the paid version is available, through a subscription.

In summary, it is a tool with a very intuitive and easy to use interface, which allows its users to enjoy all its advantages. Piriform updates are also frequent, so it will continue to improve its functionality in the future.