Importance of Sincerity in Islam

Sincerity is a word that holds great importance in it. Commonly it is the name of internal thinking of a man. In Islam sincerity has a great importance. In other words sincerity may be called as honesty. It is the name of intentions that we have in our minds while performing any task. For example, if you are going to perform Hajj or Umrah with Hajj Umrah travel agency, you should show sincerity in your actions and in your worships.

Sincerity with Allah:

Allah demands sincerity from His man in all the doings that he does. It shows the thought of a person. Inner side of a person should be positive. If you are pious sincerely then Allah become happy with you. Allah does not see the actions of His man but he observes sincerity that is present in the heart and in the thinking. Sincerity is name of positive Niyyah for any worship or any doing.

Holy Prophet said that Allah does not observer your actions, He only observes your Niyyah (sincerity). Allah rewards you if you show sincerity in your doings. You will be considered as hypocrite if you are not sincere in your doings. And Allah treats badly with hypocrites. Hypocrites do not have any part in Islam.

Sincerity with human beings:

Some of the people build their relations only for deceiving others. It means they do not have sincerity for their brothers or their relations. Transparency is required for building relations with other people. Allah asks Muslims to be sincere in dealings with one another. Those who are not sincere, are punished by Allah.

Sincerity in asking for forgiveness:

Most of the Muslims are not sincere with their doings. Allah forgives those who are sincere in their doings. Allah is merciful and shows mercy upon His creatures. If you ask for forgiveness with the intention of not repeating that mistake in future, Allah will forgive you. A person should feel shame on his misdoings.

Following are the benefits of sincerity:

  • Allah will reward sincere people on the Day of Judgment.
  • Those who spend on poor only for the happiness of Allah and do good deeds to only for Allah will also be rewarded.
  • Allah examines His men by putting him into hardships. If you are sincere, you do not turn from your straight path and if you are not sincere, you choose another path for yourself.
  • Allah took many exams of Hazrat Ibrahim and all other Prophets only to check their sincerity. And when they were succeeded, they were given a reward of fame and closeness to Allah.

Sincerity is present inside:

According to the sayings of Holy Prophet, sincerity is present inside. While doing any work in this world, Allah and His creature look only sincerity that is also shown by your character. Most of the people hide their bad intentions behind their good actions. Therefore, Allah warns them and also dislikes them. Those who are not sincere are the pupils and companions of Devil.

    Abdul Maaz

    Abdul Maaz

    London, UK

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