A Few Important Facts to Know about Agarwood Essential Oil

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    Among different kinds of essential oils, agarwood essential oil has been regarded as quite popular. This essential oil is popularly used in far eastern countries like India, China, etc. In ancient India and Tibet, this essential oil was used for helping in the meditation process. The fragrance of this oil brings instant peace in mind. It works perfectly to heal stress and anxiety. When your mind is free of worries, it becomes easier to focus on your meditation work. Hence, the essential oil has a connection with religion and spirituality in Far East.

    Health Benefits of Agar Wood Essential Oil

    Apart from being sacred in terms of fragrance, this essential oil has many other benefits to offer. Among those benefits, healing stress is one of the most highlighted things. It heals mental stress. At the same time, it can heal your joint and muscle pain. Using this oil is particularly beneficial for those who are suffering from rheumatic pains. It also has good impact over digestive health of human beings. For healing skin rashes and acne, you can use this essential oil.

    Steps to Use Agarwood Essential Oil

    If you are applying it on your skin or body, you need to mix the essential oil with carrier oil. Applying it directly on the skin would lead to skin burn and irritations. So, mixing the oil with carrier oil is important. You can use coconut oil as the carrier oil. Many people also use palm oil and olive oil as carrier oil. With ten drops of carrier oil, you need to mix only 3-4 drops of the essential oil. Mix them well, and the mixture is ready to be applied on skin.

    Other Uses of Agarwood Essential Oil

    Apart from being used as an essential oil for freshening or purifying air and stress healing, agarwood essential oil has many other uses. Commercially it has been used by many perfume manufacturing companies. In various health and skin related products, this essential oil has been used as a crucial ingredient. Find a reliable online store to purchase this essential oil. It is widely available, though you need to buy the authentic item.


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