Avail Free TomTom XXL Update For Most Accurate Navigation


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    TomTom XXL does come with a few preloaded software & maps, but these all need to be updated at times. It is always recommended to everyone to perform TomTom XXL update. Getting the Latest TomTom XXL Update for your device allows you to get access to the latest route changes and added locations. The updated maps help to assure that you will have the latest navigation data for every journey.

    Pros & Cons Of TomTom XXL Update

    If you're using TomTom XXL maps, you don't need to bother about the routes. You will find the entire hotels, parks, petrol stations, etc, easily on it. Below are the benefits of TomTom:

    1. The major benefit of a free TomTom map is its routes and Traffic Sensing. Whether it is a hospital, mall, a café, a carnival, etc, the device securely guides you every route about everything.
    2. It is a digital device that can notify the ongoing changes in the course place due to development or street advancement. This is the main benefit required and shows up the printed maps which were before using for significant at distances.
    3. Additionally, it can demonstrate the traffic levels on the road and has an exceptional IQ detecting which can direct all the different ways for reaching at the ultimate place.
    4. The technology reveals to you the most limited way which can work instantly, the way which can provide you the least traffic with the number of different places of interest and will save most of your fuel & time.

    Step By Step Procedure For TomTom XXL Update

    In order to Update TomTom XXL, you can use either use 'TomTom HOME' or  'My Drive Connect'. Follow the steps provided below.

    1. Initially, you should use the latest version of My Drive Connect, in the Computer.
    2. Then, connect the route device to the PC. Switch on your device.
    3. Now, My Drive will automatically begin searching for any more up to date updates for the navigation device. This will be provided by the Latest Map Guarantee.
    4. From that point onward, tap Continue and follow the provided instructions. It will download the latest update on the device.
    5. When the installation is completed, the page will redirect you to the My Content page. You will notice right now on My Drive Connect changes to connected. When you notice the connection status and the message installation finished. Then, detach the routeing device from the system.
    6. Now, the device can be used with the latest maps. You can even have the feature of Map Share in the most latest devices which allows you to make changes on navigation in your guide.

    The steps mentioned above to update TomTom XXL device, are quite easy.  In case you experience any trouble in TomTom XXL updates, then not to worry at all. Consult tech-savvy TomTom professionals available at Pcsolutione so as to get the best guidance so as to perform it easily.



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