10 Golden Rules for a Relaxing Personal Massage London


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    1.  Avoid heavy meals before the massage, opt for light and balanced meals.
    2. Warm up the room where you are going to do it, 25º is ideal. If the temperature is too low, the muscles will not be able to relax and the body will be tense and you will struggle feeling pleasure or relaxation.
    3. Create a relaxing atmosphere: choose a dim light, turn off your phone, and avoid noise or anything that can disrupt the massage. Put on some soft relaxing music, instrumental music will suffice to achieve the best effect. You can also get an essential oil diffuser so that the scents permeate the environment and create an intoxicating atmosphere.
    4. Don’t forget about comfort, choose a room with a comfortable bed, a sofa, or a gurney with soft cushions.
    5. Get a quality massage oil. Choose one that is not too sticky so that it spreads perfectly on the skin. Avoid refined or chemical-based oils and opt for organic oils. As for the aromas, you can choose between almonds, macadamia, walnuts, sesame, etc.
    6. Take off your jewelry to avoid scratches and if possible, cut your nails short.
    7. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions, vary the pressure based on their reactions, and be guided by their breathing.
    8. Change your techniques, use ascending and descending movements, circular movements, tickling, etc.
    9. Make sure to do the massage in turns so that there will be an exchange of sensations.
    10. Let yourself be carried away by pleasure: make a list of the steps to follow, exchange caresses with kisses and tender gestures as you immerse at the moment.



    Caresses in this part of the body stimulate the energy center located at the back of the forehead. It will help eliminate tension, reduce stress levels, and generate a feeling of well-being. Make circular movements over the scalp which is an area full of nerve endings that will stimulate your partner sexually.


    Place your partner face down, hands under the head. Glide your palms gently across the back while applying a little pressure. Gently circle their buttocks, applying pressure, and slowly work your way back up to their shoulders. Repeat each movement and increase the pressure as you pay attention to your partner. Do not forget to synchronize the gestures with your partner’s breathing. The best time to massage the back is after a long day at work when your partner is still stressed and will greatly appreciate the massage.


    The chest and belly are some of the most sensitive parts of the body. The skin around the clavicles is very thin, making it very sensitive to the touch. The posture when massaging the breast will be very exciting for both of you. Slide your fingers along the outside of their chest and then gently massage the skin with varying pressure.

    A lot of tantric sites like Tantric Massage London offer a wide variety of tantric massages and private massage is one of them. Other famous massage types are erotic massage, Nuru massage, body to body massage, etc. All of these are not massages that end in sex but it can arouse you and even give you orgasms.

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