Bulk SMS service provider in Pakistan

Bulk SMS service provider in Pakistan

SMS Marketing in Pakistan

SMS Marketing is a tried and tested model within Pakistan for marketing and getting the word out. SMS marketing is the most effective and economical marketing technique a company can choose to market itself and their products. These are often inexpensive and highly easy to plan and implement. Bulk SMS service providers in Pakistan are a fantastic outlet for such techniques. Small business owners who wish to have a successful start should especially opt for SMS marketing in Pakistan. But big-name companies should not shy away from this either.

No other marketing technique will guarantee them as much success as this would. SMS marketing not only increases brand recognition but it also increases interaction with other channels of business. A company can effectively get the word out for its Facebook, Instagram and various other social network pages.

Why go for SMS Marketing?

SMS has a far bigger outreach then other mediums of marketing, especially in Pakistan because almost every person in almost every demographic imaginable has a mobile phone. These phones are the very least have capabilities that can send and receive SMS messages. Social media marketing, while it has its benefits and virtues is very limited when it comes to marketing to the local population. The masses in Pakistan have conventional mobile phones which are now more commonly known as ‘dumb’ phones. These phones prioritize having to call and send and receive SMS texts. This limitation is where it also excels. That is the only pre-requisite a company would have to look for when planning for an SMS Marketing campaign. The short bite-sized message proves more effective than drawn-out advertisements and social media posts.

Bulk SMS Service in Pakistan

As a company, you have to budget extremely efficiently if you want to get the edge over your competition. One of these ways is to effectively market your products and business. If you want to cast a wider net, bulk SMS marketing is the way to go. Companies like McDonald’s, Nishat Linen, Cambridge, Sapphire and many more still stick to SMS marketing as it the best way to market. These highly successful companies still stick to this tried and tested mode. Like SMS Marketing in Rawalpindi has the best turn-over rate. It is estimated that 9/10 of every SMS sent is read or opened. E-mails have

SMS Marketing and Why it is So Effective

Social media marketing alienates a major portion of the Pakistani audience that companies would wish to market to. Big companies and conglomerates still use both social media marketing and SMS marketing as mentioned before. But a small business owner in Pakistan will sometimes be forced to choose between of many marketing techniques at their disposal. The return on investment just is not worth the hassle. Not with SMS marketing though! Many marketing gurus will always put bulk SMS service providers at the top of their lists for marketing agencies to go to for expanding a business.


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