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    Instagram hashtags

    Hashtagstagsusing hashtags on IGtagging … surely you've heard about it before. We live in these times after all. Millions of new entries are published on Instagram every day. Even sifting out those that are of uninteresting topics, there are still many thousands of photos or videos to look at. How to find really interesting slots in this multitude? And most importantly, how to reach the audience who would like to see what we publish on their Instagram profile? There is one word for both cases: hashtags.


    Well, from the beginning - what are hashtags

    What is a hashtag anyway? This is a word or a few words that describe the subject of the post and its content. On Instagram, hashtags are marked with a special # sign, thanks to which the script of the social networking site reads it properly. The hashtag will therefore be, for example, #wakacje, #wolne, #studia, but also #najlepszadzgirl, # Friday13 or #cojatutajrobie - all preceded by an appropriate character, and in the case of a cluster of words written without spaces.


    Know moderation with Insta hashtags

    Social media experts agree to exaggerate the number of tags added under the entries. The optimal solution is five hashtags directly describing the subject of the post, photo, or video. You can add two more general hashtags to them, but this solution is recommended for longer text entries or movies. Why not add more tags? Because a larger number will give the impression of marketing spam, and this is not what Internet users browsing the profile want to see. The five specific hashtags not only look better but show that the owner of the profile has an idea for the post and knows how to describe it in a short but blunt way without using sociological tricks with mass hashtags added.



    How does hashtag Instagram?

    Before we start describing our entries with hashtags, it's worth knowing how they work. Fortunately, it's extremely simple: comparing them to a blog, you can define hashtags as a kind of category. By clicking on one of them, Instagram will automatically display all entries that have been marked with it. Thanks to this, searching for specific content on a given topic is much easier than searching all added entries from the last day, week, or month. At the same time, the role of hashtags is emphasized in reaching potential recipients, because properly selected tags allow not only to describe a photo or video but also encourage new Instagram users to look at our profile and perhaps to observe it. And as we know, we need followers on Instagram.


    Why is it worth using hashtags?

    It's easy! To reach the largest group of recipients potentially interested in the published content. Thanks to hashtags, it is very easy to promote on Instagram. And this applies not only to companies using this website for marketing purposes but also to ordinary people who want to share, for example, their photographic creativity or stylistic and fashion skills. 


    Popular hashtags

    A photo of a beautiful sunset over the sea is waiting for the positive, and you only have five hashtags at your disposal? After all, it's tempting to get carried away and add ten or even fifteen. Such a sunset deserves a longer description! Instead of being tempted, it is better to look at the most popular hashtags on Instagram and choose the one that best suits the content of the photo. Even one popular tag can attract the attention of hundreds or thousands of new followers and make some of them stay on our profile for longer. However, you cannot exaggerate with popular hashtags - mainly because they are very general and broad-based slogans. To reach recipients, it is best to use tags that accurately and in detail describe the entry on the profile and one or two use the most popular hashtags only as an add-on


    What has been tagged on Insta in the past?

    2018 was a breakthrough for Instagram in terms of hashtags added under the entries, because there was a record number in the history of the entire website. The most popular hashtags most often used by users were mainly related to love, friendship, holidays, animals, food, work, free time, fashion, series, and movies. Many entries were tagged with words related to nature and family, sports, fitness, and… colors. The TOP10 of the most used tags in the past is therefore easy to predict:











    Of course, all hashtags are in English for a simple reason: it has the greatest reach, and reaching a larger audience is thus easier. However, nothing prevents you from adding the most popular English hashtags and directing your entries mainly to English recipients.


    What is tagged today?

    Actually, not much has changed and hashtag trends are very similar to previous years. Still the most popular hashtags on Instagram 2019 are those related to feelings, where #love, #friend, #hate, #like reigns There are also hashtags in high places:



















    The use of one of these hashtags, of course following the subject of the posted entry, will give practically one hundred percent guarantee of its more frequent visits. 


    Instagram social hashtags

    Instagram has created a small group of special hashtags that do not specifically describe the photo or video itself but are used for social communication. These are the four main hashtags #followme, # like4like, #tbt, and #instagood - the first two encourage you to follow your profile and common tags, the photos of the third tags from the past (necessarily added on Thursdays), and the last show's entries with artistic photos (you can also find them under #art). Also, there are the most popular personal hashtags, i.e. #me and #selfie


    The future of hashtags

     Based on the listings conducted by Instagram, you can be tempted to predict what the most popular hashtags in 2020 will look like. The trends of the top ten will certainly remain unchanged, but you can expect that hashtags such as #instamood #photo # will make more noise. no filter #natural as well as tags from the growing fashion and styling industry: #beauty #makeup #pretty #model #inspiration


    To get more Instagram likes and followers for your profile, you can - depending on the topic - use tags with a very broad meaning in the future:










    Banned Hashtags on Instagram

    It's good to know that Instagram hashtags also have their own special forbidden list. This is where words blocked by the website land, the use of which in posts may have unpleasant consequences. The reasons for the blockade are different - sometimes they are sexual, other times the cause is excessive use of them to mark posts on completely different topics. Some of them may be surprising, especially since there are even banned Instagram hashtags on the banned list, which until recently were one of the most popular:














    In 2019 and 2020, the list of blocked hashtags reached tens of thousands of words! Instagram does not provide direct reasons for the block, so if you don't want to accidentally use a banned hashtag, it's better to check if it is allowed before adding it. This can be done simply by typing it into the search engine - no results will mean that the hashtag is on a banned list.




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