How to find out Instagram password?

How to find out Instagram password?

Let’s face it: you don’t think much about the security of your online account. In fact, it often happens that you open an application, for example Instagram and enter the password to access your public profile, where someone could easily find it.  

Terrible, right? So try to inform yourself a little about the subject and be prepared to face any privacy-related risks in your account: if you wish, I can help you.

Let me show you the techniques the bad guys use to find out Instagram passwords of your victims and, most importantly, let them explain to you how you can defend yourself against attacks of this kind (as well as how to prevent them): that way you’ll be well “equipped” to avoid unwanted access to your Instagram account and you’ll be able to sleep relatively. Rest assured the privacy of your profile.

So what do you think? Are you ready to read this post? Well then let's not waste any more time and get straight to the point. Make yourself comfortable, take the time to read these paragraphs, and most importantly, put the “tips” I will give you into practice.

How to get the Instagram password?

There are several hacking techniques that make it possible to find out Instagram passwords and that, unfortunately, have been used successfully in biscuits to the detriment of an increasing number of users. 

To defend against this type of cyberattack, you obviously need to know the “weapons” used by “enemies”, including keyloggers, spy apps, phishing emails, and “social engineering” approaches. What about it? I will explain it to you immediately in detail.

Key logger software

One of the most used hacking techniques is to use the cybercriminals fairly advanced keylogger software , programs that can "smell" the keyboard, that is, they can capture everything a user types on the keyboard, including passwords, and send them to bad people (who often profit from reselling stolen data).

In addition to more advanced keyloggers, which record the typed text on the keyboard and send it to biscuits who can then act remotely, there are also less powerful keyloggers that can also be used by users who are not very familiar with the world of computing. piracy. 

One of them is KeyLogger Home, a spy that I told you about in depth in a tutorial I wrote some time ago.

Spy apps

Since everything belonging to the world of computing can potentially be “hacked”, even smartphones and tablets are not immune to cyber attacks. The latter, in fact, could host spy apps that, like keyloggers, record the text written by the user. They also keep track of your incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, online activities, and more.

To find out if spy apps are installed on your device, monitor its power consumption (spy apps often “use up” a lot of battery life). Maybe you can get help from a power consumption control app like Wakelock Detector (which I also told you about in the tutorial where I explained in depth how to check for the presence of spy apps). 

If you want to have more information about the operation of Wakelock Detector, I suggest you read the article in which I show how to save battery on Android with in-depth information about its operation.


Another hacking technique I want to warn you about is the scam . How to use? The hacker sent an email that appeared from the Instagram team to the potential victim. 

A link is included in the message in question: by clicking on it, the user is redirected to a login page that is very similar to the Instagram and in which the user is asked to enter the username. and the password: if the user "bites the bait", the login data entered on the Instagram site Instagram will end up directly in the hands of cybercriminals.

Defending yourself from scams is quite easy as you just need to ignore fake Instagram emails. Despite this, an increasing number of users fall into this seemingly dangerous but highly effective trap. 

The best thing you can do is ignore all emails that require access or change passwords from Instagram

If you want to go to Instagram or need to change your account password, please log in to the page from the browser, log in with your account credentials (or using your Facebook account) and go to the profile password settings at first click on the little man (upper right), then on the gear icon and finally in the Voice Change password.

Social Engineering

Printing Social Engineering is another technique I warn you about piracy. In this case, the bad guys who use this particular technique approach the user and, with whatever excuses, ask him to lend the smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Once in possession of the victim’s device, the criminals take advantage of the situation to obtain the victim’s account and personal information.

You ask me how you can defend yourself against such a threat. Simple: if someone asks you to lend them one of your devices, don’t accept them for any reason in the world (unless, of course, they are super reliable)!

Passwords saved in the browser database

Do you usually save your account password directly in Bowser? Bad very bad! If a hacker could access the database in the browser you used to go to Instagram, they would have no problem sneaking into your account. And in this case, in addition to the damage, you should also blow the insult since you yourself would facilitate the "work" of the cyber criminal in service.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying, try taking a look at my tutorial on how to recover saved passwords in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome - you’ll find out how simple this is to do!

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