My Confession About Black Lives Matter.

    McPherson Bidstrup

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    Hello, my name is Travis Mcvee, that used to be employed by: Black Lives Matter. I want to confess: We aren't anything except a political group looking for money. We are hired by Soros to raise money for the Democratic Party. We use our political power to confuse people into thinking white people are bad. We actually love what Trump has to say, but the bottom like is that the almighty dollar pays us more than actually standing up for what is right. What the media and social media doesn't understand is that they look stupid because they think it is a real cause. You have white people throwing rocks and bottles at cops. The same white people that live in the suburbs and have never had to go without food. Those same white people yelling, "Black Lives Matter!"-- are all getting paid by George Soros. WE DO NOT NEED TO DISBAND OR DEFUND THE POLICE-- WE NEED TO GIVE MORE FUNDS TO THEM.

    The crooked left wants to bring chaos and kill the moral of the police. It's your typical communist party act. We need to keep Donald Trump where he is, and get rid of the crazy alt left before it's too late to rescue the United States. Our black communities are only suffering because of Democratic Leaders. But, affiliate money as blacks get paid to back the left.

    Do not fall for the Democratic Lies, Black Lives Matter, or that we need to defund the police. Wake up. Please Wake up.

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