How To Hack Wifi on Android

how to hack wifi on android, we find ourselves every day surrounded by a lot of wifi networks everywhere, so it is useful to be able to access them sometimes. There are some applications that can help in accessing the Wi-Fi network, so today we will present to you some of the best Wi-Fi word hacking apps for wireless networks for Android.

Best Wi-Fi word detection apps for Android

WPA WPS Tester app
One of the most popular WiFi password hacking tools, the WPA WPS Tester Android app was developed with the purpose of scanning WiFi networks in search of vulnerabilities.

This app is famous for its ability to break security, as this app tests connection to access points using WPS PIN, which is calculated using different algorithms like Zhao, Blink, Asus, and Arris, and this application requires Android 4.0 and above to run it.

Reaver app
Also called as RfA, this program is an easy-to-use WiFi password hacker app for Android smartphones.

All Reaver settings are available through the graphical user interface, and this WiFi penetration application launches a violent attack on the WPS recorder's PINs and recovers WPA / WPA2 passwords.

Reaver has been tested on a wide range of devices and is able to obtain targeted WPA / WPA2 passwords within 2-5 hours.

Kali Linux Nethunter app
Kali Linux Nethunter is the first open-source platform for Wi-Fi hacking and Android penetration testing provided by its designers, you need to run the Kali app's Wifite tool to continue with this process, and the Nethunter configuration interface allows you to manage complex configuration files.

Wifi Kill app
It is an application that allows you to disable the internet connection of a device, and you can use it through its simple interface to get rid of unnecessary users on the network.

Other features include showing the traffic a device is using, network names, and the ability to capture traffic for websites visited by other devices, and it should be noted that the WiFi Kill hacker app needs root access.

Network Spoofer
Network Spoofer allows you to edit web addresses on other people's computers or phones or any other device connected to the Internet, so this is not a tool used to hack or change Wi-Fi words, it is actually a tool of deception!

After downloading the app all you have to do is simply log in to Wi-Fi, select the type of trick you want to use and then press Start.