Check Your Rental History Before Filling out Rental Application Form

    Mathieu Robin

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    If you are desperately looking for a good apartment to rent and do not want your application to be turned down, it is imperative to check your rental history. Checking your rental history will give an idea about what your landlord would be seeing in it once he gets hold of the report. With the tenant screening process becoming stringent than ever, even a minor issue may be enough to get your application declined. Thus, to be on the safer side, check the rental history yourself and see if anything is wrongly mentioned or is inaccurate.

    How to check your rental history?

    Consumers are entitled to free copies of various specialized reports like credit history and rental history as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. There are several companies in the market that prepare these reports. Since there are several groups generating these reports, it is always better to ask the landlord about which company he is using to pull out the rental history report. Once you find out the details, request for the specific report at the said company. 

    What to review in the Rental History Report?

    The first and the most important thing that the prospective renter must check in the rental history report is the accuracy factor. Go through each detail mentioned and see if all the information in the report has been accurately reported. Right from the name and address of the landlord, to the dates of occupation, previous addresses, rental rates, etc., must be checked thoroughly for accuracy. Many landlords check out rental rates as it gives them an idea about the renter’s financial bandwidth and whether he will be able to afford and pay his rent on time.

    If every information entered the report is accurate, it is good but if the information is negative, you may like to explain and clarify a few things. Many issues can be resolved with a simple explanation. If the renter unknowingly damaged property, he could reimburse the landlord with an agreement that he will contact the reporting agency with updated information.

    Always go through the rental history report from the landlord’s point of view. A gap or break in rental history may jump out at the landlord and he can pause to rethink his decision. If you can give a logical explanation about the gap like shifting to a relative’s or friends’ place to save money or moving out to another city for work and so on, the issue can be easily settled. The information supplied to the landlord upfront will make him comfortable.

    These reporting agencies also provide credit check renter free which helps the renter to know his credit history and what steps he can take to male the report look more positive. The availability of these reports has helped landlords avoid bad tenants and damage to their investment. It is for this reason many landlords rely on these reports and ensure they make a well-informed decision. 


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