2 Tips To Pack Your Fragile Items


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    While relocating to a new place can be very exciting, it is a very strenuous process especially if you are a working individual. Only will you need to worry about expenses related to the new place but you will also need to worry about the entire relocation process. Packaging the entire luggage and then moving them to the next location is not an easy job. However, for the reputed removal companies in Blackpool, it can be a very easy process which will also make your relocation process smooth and fast.
    However, there are certain dangers and relocating your packages to the new location which includes causing damage to the fragile items. So, it is very important that you take care of the fragile items during packaging which will ensure its safety during the relocation process. Here are two tips that are going to help you in packaging your fragile items:
    1. Buy foam for glass items
    The most important aspect of keeping your items safe during the relocation process is by improving the shock absorption of the packaging. It is important that you do the entire packaging using foam based material, at least in the initial process. Then you can transfer the item wrapped inside foam to a carton box. If it’s a very fragile item like glass, you need to use shredded foam and fill up the cotton box to its brim. The benefit of packing your items like glass materials with foam is that there will be no impact on the fragile item. You can also give instructions to the removals company in Blackpool to safely carry your glass items.
    2. Buy bubble wrap and tissue papers for ceramic
    Ceramic based items are very fertile and you might encounter cracks in them if there is only a slight difference in the temperature. So, you will need to be very careful during the packaging and do that you can use bubble wrap along with tissue papers. For example, if you have to pack ceramic plates you need to put 3 to 4 tissue papers in between every ceramic plate. This will reduce the friction cause between each plates and also avoid clashing against each other. Lastly, you will need to wrap the entire thing into thick bubble wrap to protect it from further damage.
    You also need to buy the fragile item tapes to apply on carton boxes that contain fragile items. The man and van removal company in Blackpool can help you in safely relocating your fragile items