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    Hello Friends, today we will be discussing the recently launched Commuter Segment Bike TVS Radeon. It’s a 110 Cc bike and this bike can give very big competition to it’s competitors such as Hero Splendor or Hero Passion. We’ll now explore the new commuter bike updates –

    First, I want to tell you that commuting is not about power and torque. It’s all about comfort, mileage and normal city rides. First, we will talk about its looks, then what features it offers, and finally, how it differs from other commuters.

    1. It’s looks – The old tvs victor headlight is on the front, but the strip below it has drls (daytime running lights). It is given a new instrument cluster that looks just like a car’s. However, it does not have the same look as a car’s. Instead, it has flat handle bars and a longer and more comfortable seat. You will be surprised at its features. It is a commuter, so it looks just like any other commuter.

    2. Features – This bike has both a luggage rack and a tank grill. Very few commuters have a luggage rack. Tank grills can protect your bike’s tank and prevent it from getting scratched. The led drls are located below the head light and flexible indicators. It also has a USB charger socket. One of its most important safety features is the SBT (synchronized braking technology) which is identical to CBS (Combined braking system). The system works by activating the front brakes as well as the rear brakes when you push them very hard. This technology is extremely rare in this commuter segment. Although the company claims that it can travel up to 69km per liter, we will discover its true mileage once this bike is available for riding.

    It is unique among commuters because it uses SBT technology and a new instrument cluster. Tank grills, luggage racks, USB charging sockets, 18-inch tyres, and eye-catching looks are some of the features.

    3 - Specifications - The motor is a single ccs 109.7ccs cylinder motor with 8.4 bhp at 7000 rpm and 8.7 nm at 5000 rpm. The speed gearbox is available with kick or self-start and comes in a variety of speeds. It comes with tubeless tyres and alloys. It does not have disc brakes, but drum brakes. The fueling system is carbureted. The warranty is for 5 years. It claims a mileage of 69.3km per litre.

    PRICE – 48,400 RUPEES

    My views about this bike

    As we all know, commuters are not about performance. They are all about comfort and mileage. The longer and wider seats make this bike more comfortable. This bike comes pre-loaded with tubeless tyres. This bike is a feature loaded bike. It costs RS 48 thousand. You also get additional safety features like SBT and USB charging socket. Televisions do a great job every day.

    Please stay tuned to our blog for a bike comparison India with other commuter