The Various Uses of a Birth Certificate and Where to Buy One

    Pearl Smith

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    A birth certificate is an essential document. It comes in handy in a variety of situations, including school, job, and travel. It also serves as a means of establishing your identification for tax and record-keeping purposes. 

    Unfortunately, many people in the US have misplaced or never kept a copy of their birth certificate, whether by accident, loss during a move, or simply not realizing how vital it was. You can, however, buy fake birth certificate online.

    Obtaining a passport

    A birth certificate is required for the issuance of a passport book or passport card. A birth certificate is frequently requested as proof of identity for cruise lines that do not require passengers to submit their passports.

    Obtaining your driver’s license

    To confirm their identity and age, most states require people to submit a birth certificate when applying for or renewing their driver’s license.

    Getting a new Social Security card

    You will be requested to give your birth certificate, as well as another government-issued identification document confirming your identity if you have lost, misplaced, or had your social security card stolen.

    Government benefits

    Most states’ social services departments require residents applying for benefits to provide a birth certificate along with additional documents to show their identity, relationship, eligibility, and age.

    Getting into school

    A birth certificate or another form of government-issued identification document verifying the child’s identity and age is necessary to enroll minors in school. A social security card, passport, hospital birth certificate, adoption record, or another legal identification document is required by some schools.


    When enlisting in the military, a certified copy of your birth certificate and your social security card are necessary forms of identification. Authorities may need a driver’s license or another state-issued identity card, a green card, or a passport.


    Citizens requesting pension or insurance benefits are needed to present a copy of their birth certificate validated by the issuing agency, as well as their social security card, to confirm their identity, relationship, and age.


    People looking to learn more about their family tree, parents, and other genealogical activities can obtain the information they require by obtaining a verified copy of their birth certificate.

    International use and travel

    When getting married, gaining a second nationality, or having a new passport issued, among other reasons, US citizens living overseas must keep a verified copy of their birth certificate.

    Enrolling in sports

    Minors who want to participate in sports with an age limitation must show their age to be placed in the appropriate age group. This typically necessitates the presence of a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate by the parents.

    As you see, people may need a verified copy of their birth certificate in various situations. As it is a piece of paper, a birth certificate can be damaged or lost at any time. Issuing a new one is possible but highly time-consuming and tedious.

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