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Shadowrun is a science and fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a fictional universe in the near future where cybernetic, magical, and fantasy creatures coexist. It combines genres of cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and crime, with occasional elements of conspiracy, horror, and detective fiction. Since its inception in 1989, Shadowrun has remained among the most popular role-playing games. It has spawned a vast franchise that includes a series of novels, a trading card game, two miniature tabletop war games, and various video games.


The title is taken from the main premise of the game: a world of the near future damaged by a massive magical event, where industrial espionage and corporate warfare run rampant. A Shadowrun, successful data theft or physical break-in on a rival corporation or organization, is one of the primary tools employed by corporate rivals and underworld figures alike. Deckers (futuristic hackers) who can access immersive and three-dimensional cyberspace face rival machinists and deadly and potentially brain-destroying artificial intelligence called "Intrusion Countermeasures", abbreviated "IC", who are protected by street fighters and/or mercenaries, often with implants of cyborg (called cyberware), wizards and other exotic figures, in missions in which they seek access, physical or remote, to the power structures of rival groups. Magic has also returned to the world after a series of plagues; Dragons that can take a human form have also returned, and are commonly found in high positions of corporate power.


Spells, spirits, and adept powers are a fundamental part of Shadowrun and are items of perpetual interest to Shadowrun players. Street Wyrd offers that and more to players and gamemasters, including a system to help them cast their own spells. With new ways to use Shadowrun, Sixth World rules, and flavor to help players understand the place of magic in the world, Street Wyrd is an essential resource for awakened characters.

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