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QooApp is an alternative marketplace for Asian video games that allows you to download tons of Android games directly to your smartphone or tablet. You'll find games inspired by Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto, just to name a few well-known franchises.
Using QooApp is really simple. The interface is divided into several different tabs. In the first, you have a list with all the video games in order of popularity, in the second you can find a list of games that will be released soon, and in the third tab, you can see different events.
You do not need to create an account before starting to download games. All you have to do is tap the download button for the video game you want, wait a few seconds, and download the APK. The next thing you know, you can start playing any game you have downloaded.
QooApp is a really interesting alternative to find video games on Android. That said, most of the games you'll find will be in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. Every once in a while, you'll find a game in English ... but to be honest, there aren't many.

An easy way to play Japanese-only games

QooApp works a bit like the GOG.com download platform or the Steam download platform but is designed and visually presented like Google Play. Access, buy and download games that are available worldwide and exclusive to Japan. You can buy and play Japanese anime games, old Japanese games, and you can even get access to new games that are released in Japan before their global releases. Think of QooApp a bit like the Google Play app, except that it focuses on games that are popular in Japan. Also, this application works on consoles, mobile devices, and PC, while Google Play is mobile-only.

A simple but effective gaming app

QooApp offers a suitable method to access Japanese (anime) games. However, although there is no evidence that the application itself is insecure, it is possible to download games through the application that "are" insecure and/or malware. This is why some people have a hard time accessing or downloading QooApp. If you are really concerned about the potential for malware, then you can avoid the QooApp app and instead create a Japanese Google Play account and use it instead. You can use Google Play to translate what you see. As a standalone application, QooApp is an excellent application for downloading and playing Japanese games.


Tech Specification

Platforms Android
Supported Operating System Android 2.3 or higher required
License Free
Version 8.1.13
Language English



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