Top 5 Countries To Study Diplomacy Graduate Programs

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    International Relations is a broad field of study with many applications; even if you don't plan to work in politics or government, you can apply your knowledge of international relations to various jobs. Studying and getting an International relations degree in a foreign country will educate you on interacting with multiple cultures, people, and entities. With this kind of educational background, you may find yourself with a variety of attractive employment options in various sectors.

    International relations education, on the other hand, does not take place solely in the classroom. In reality, the best way to learn it is to do it on the job. Choosing the ideal location and connecting it with your academic or career goals is the most excellent approach to get the most out of pursuing international relations abroad. Here are a few of the best places to study International Relations in the world.

    • Switzerland

    For a variety of factors, Switzerland stands at the top of this list. It is home to various international political and economic institutions, as well as the Geneva Convention. The majority of Swiss firms and offices serve global clients, and political knowledge is pervasive across the country's institutions. If you are looking for a great institution in Switzerland, the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations would be a perfect choice. 

    • The United Kingdom

    For international relations students, the United Kingdom is also a popular choice. Its institutions not only provide the most significant levels of academic quality in international relations, but they also house some of the most well-known professors in the subject.

    With several well renowned and coveted institutes in the UK, it is undoubtedly one of the higher education hubs, especially for pursuing your International relations degree.

    • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands is yet another European country that is ideal for international relations students. Studying abroad in Amsterdam not only provides a contributory global environment, but it also provides opportunities for internships in The Hague or at the International Criminal Court's headquarters. The Netherlands is the place to go if you want to focus on international law.

    • The United States

    Of course, one of the most pleasing possibilities is to pursue international relations in the United States. The United States provides the ideal environment for learning more about democracy. Many countries are adopting the American system of governance in their states, so studying in the United States would be an intelligent decision if you want to work for the government in your nation.

    Many multinational organizations have their headquarters in the United States so that you can discover internship and job opportunities there.

    • Singapore 

    If you want to understand more about Asian diplomacy, studying in Singapore is a good option. This city-state provides an excellent learning environment for international relations students, particularly those interested in international trade.

    As you get closer to applying for your International relations degree, the more stressed and anxious, you get. Finding the perfect place and your dream college can be difficult. Suppose you want to stick to European policy and work for International diplomacy via the staple organs of the United Nations, or you wish to pursue International Law. In that case, Switzerland is the best place to do so.

    The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, one of the most prestigious institutions focusing on international politics, business, and government, is located top tier in the field of International affairs. To know more visit their official website at

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