How Can You Increase Space In Your Computer Hard Drive

Old computers often have hard drive space issues and you may have too much important data that you might have to delete. If you want to avoid deleting the data, you will need to increase the space in your computer hard drive. How can you do that? Firstly, you can contact an expert in computer repair Miami to expand your computer hard drive space. You can also increase the space in your computer hard drive using the following methods:

  • Disk cleanup

You can remove a lot of unimportant data using the disk cleanup that is found in the programs section. It is one of the inbuilt utilities that windows provide to every computer and it has the ability to remove lock files, temporary files, update messages, and others. Click on the ‘start button and then type ‘disc cleanup’. A small window will appear where you will need to choose the hard disk that you want to clean up and then you can select the files individually and delete them by clicking on the ‘ok’ button.

  • Delete all temporary files

When you are surfing on the internet, even if you do not want, there will be some temporary files or cache that gets downloaded into your hard drive. You can increase the hard drive space capacity by removing all these temporary files in the ‘temporary internet files’ section. You can also find them individually in the file explorer so that you want to clean up you can find a number of temporary files that are not being used. You can manually select them and delete them permanently using shift+ delete. 

Keep a check on the files that you download on a daily basis. However, if you are still suffering from the issue of having less space in your computer hard drive, you should get in touch with an iPad repair Miami center to increase the computer hard drive space.


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