Important Things to Know About Wrongful Dismissal

When an employee is terminated or fired in a manner that violates the local, federal and state laws, it is called the wrongful dismissal. As per most of the employment arrangements the employers have the right to terminate an employee based on the failure to do their job. However, they can fire anyone for certain reasons such as based on discrimination. 

The wrongful dismissal is the type of claim along with the hourly disputes has a substantial number of lawsuits every year. So, when you are keen to know about this thing, you have to keep an eye on this article. 

Forms of wrongful dismissal

If you consult with a Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto, they will tell you about the various forms of wrongful dismissal, by which the employer cannot fire, discharge or terminate an employee. The reasons are, 

Retaliation: An employer cannot fire an employee based on retaliation, who has filed a complaint against the organization. 

Breach of employer’s policy: This is another base of wrongful dismissal. An employee cannot be dismissed while they are on a valid leave, which can be family or medical one. The dismissal can occur when the employer breaches the contract between them and the employee. 

Discrimination: The anti-discrimination law prohibits employers from firing workers based on age, race, religious or political affiliation, gender, and sex. 

Remedies for wrongful dismissal

If you are being the victim of a wrongful dismissal you will be entitled to remedies. If you have lost your job due to wrongful dismissal, you will get remedies such as:

  • You will be reinstated in your previous position in the company

  • Reimbursements for the monetary damages and the loss of wages and other costs

  • There will be changes in the workplace like a change of the supervisor and so on. 

Sometimes a class action suit is filed and it leads to deep investigation about the practices of the company. 

Help for wrongful dismissal case

These cases can often involve some complex legal issues and that hiring a Labour Lawyer Toronto is the best thing to do. An attorney will help with the research, the preparation of the claim and the filing. 

A lawyer can provide you with the proper representation while the hearing is going on and in other meetings of the court.




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